Saturday, 22 March 2014

Guest Post:The future of marketing – five reasons why digital marketing is important

Digital for dummies, courtesy of Anita Jasser, MD of full service digital agency, Sofarbeyond,
Is this the future of marketing?
It has never been more critical for companies to embrace digital. Why? Because that’s where the majority of your audience lives – online. In today's world your audience can always stay connected, access content and compare services online, at any time of the day or night, on an increasing range of different devices.

The sheer volume of new digital trends can be overwhelming - from the horizon-expanding technology of Google glass to the hot digital currency Bitcoin, which allows you to buy a burger in east London using just a phone and QR code – let’s keep it simple.

So, here are five good reasons to go digital:

1. Reach your audience. Whether you’re in B2B or B2C marketing, the first place a visitor goes to find out about you or to find a company like yours, is online. In fact, 92% of B2B buyers will visit a technology website before buying (IDG tech buyer report 2013).

2. Understand your audience. The power of digital marketing means that you can gain more knowledge about your audience and learn what they’re looking for, in real time. Once you decipher a visitor’s digital body language, you can use these insights to build a relationship with them based on what they’re interested in. This means marketing can finally become a service – not just a sell.

3. Grow your audience. Digital marketing is a fantastic way of growing your audience quickly and effectively. Why? Because we all love great content, so if yours is engaging, interesting and relevant, your audience will spread the word for you, allowing your business to reach more prospects than before.

4. Know what’s working. As marketers, we spend time investing in many different marketing activities, but do we always know what’s working for us? Digital marketing will always give you a valuable insight into which marketing activity is driving people to you. Once you have this knowledge, you can begin to work out your ROI and your cost per lead acquisition (e.g. what spend did you put in to get a new potential prospect back?).

5. Be reactive. We’re often told that it’s better to be proactive rather than reactive in marketing. With digital marketing, which includes search, social, online PR and content, we say that it’s best to be reactive. By this we mean once you know what your audience is interested in, you can feed those interests back into your marketing plan and respond to them effectively.


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